Creating Wholeness

through apperceptive healing and life skills,
promoting self realisation and acceptance,
for new beginnings with lasting changes.

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The Healing Room.
Vivien & Paul Healing.
IHM & Reflexology.
Aromatherapy Massage.
Remedial & Full Body Massage.
Combination Session.
Personal Development Session.
Healing Tuition.

Hello and a warm welcome to Gaia Holistix

Delivering a balanced range of therapies and uniquely innovative Gaia-Now apperceptive healing skills to improve people’s general state of health and wellbeing; we empower people to be able to choose to be ‘happy to be’ regardless of what is happening or has already happened within their life experience.

We are situated equidistantly between Malton, Pickering and Kirkbymoorside in North Yorkshire,although we do help people from all over the world.

We heal consciousness within consciousness utilising the reality of 'what is':
We can't change anything that has already happened within our life experience, but we are free to
choose to nonjudgmentally accept or judgmentally reject self within it right now.
Rejecting self within our life experience creates ongoing inner divisional conflicts and disease,
accepting self within our life experience creates inner wholeness and harmony.
This choice is always there, we are here to help you to implement the health and wellbeing changes that choice creates.

One of the underlying principles of the Gaia-Now healing modality is that everything begins and ends with a thought, another one is that our general state of health and wellbeing is a direct reflection of our underlying state of consciousness. We utilise this and other understandings of how we function as human beings to create new conceptual understandings within people's consciousness by working directly within consciousness utilising apperceptive mindful healing and our unique life skills. This transforms people's past understandings of self in relation to their life experience, promoting self realisation and self acceptance in an open and non-judgmental way to instigate wholeness in place of disease.

We help people to simply be 'happy to be'; through a complete innovative healing solution that transcends current understanding to heal people's inner divisional conflicts  (inner divisional conflicts arise when two or more conflicting thought patterns and/or beliefs arise at the same time within aspects of our consciousness) and associated stress and disease (stress and disease is the way that we physically experience inner conflicts) into wholeness within the fullness of self through mindful awareness, self realisation and personal integrity, which promotes personal responsibility and personal acceptance. This creates new beginnings and lasting transformational changes with the people who choose to come to us and embrace a different way of being.

  • Inner conflict and disharmony are replaced with wholeness.
  • Inner stress and discontentment are replaced with balance.
  • Self rejection and divisional judgment are replaced with non-judgmental self acceptance.
  • Apathy and hopelessness are replaced with personal integrity and responsibility.

We do not need to go on a spiritual quest in order to change; we do not create wholeness by attempting to become something other than what we are. Striving for perfection will only create further inner judgemental divisional conflicts, acceptance is all that is required.

At Gaia Holistix you are given the opportunity to gain a completely new and innovative understanding on how you function as a human being; how your underlying thought patterns and beliefs are orchestrating your general state of health and wellbeing and life experience; how to move from inner division and conflict and its associated pain and suffering into wholeness; how to embrace the fullness of self and others in an open and non-judgmental way; how to restructure yourself and your life experience, free from the doubts and fears that so often set our life course in a way that seem at odds to what we think we would like.

Now you have a real choice to make that can actually change you,
your general state of health and wellbeing and your life experience.

About Us

Image of Vivien and Paul who run Gaia Holistix
Gaia Holistix is run by Vivien and Paul.

We are both Gaia-Now apperceptive healers and therapists.

Vivien practices:

  • Healing & Personal Development
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Reflexology

Paul practices:

  • Healing & Personal Development
  • Remedial and Full Body Massage
  • Photographic Healing

We work together as a team not only to run the practice, but we also combine our skills when required.

What We Practice

IMage of Vivien and Paul performing a healing session

We practice a well balanced range of therapies:

  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Remedial Massage
  • Full Body Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Combination Sessions

Healing & Personal Development

Everything begins and ends with a thought:

  • Gaia-Now Life Force Healing Sessions
  • Happy To Be Breakthrough Days
  • Happy To Be Photo Healing Days

What We Teach

Image of Vivien teaching personal developemnt.
We Both Teach Healing

The Gaia-Now apperceptive healing modality:

  • Gaia-Now life force healing introductory workshops
  • Gaia-Now apperceptive practitioner classes


We also run practical hands on workshops that have been designed as a practical hands on tuition:

  • Couple's Massage Workshops