new beginnings and lasting
transformational changes.

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The Healing Room.
Vivien & Paul Healing.
IHM & Reflexology.
Remedial & Full Body Massage.
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Personal Development Session.
Healing Tuition.

Welcome to Gaia Holistix

If you have a desire to be happy with self or to improve your general state of health and wellbeing, but don't know how to do it ~ we have a practical solution for you, we can create the required healing change within you.

Creating new beginnings and lasting transformational changes with the people who choose to come and embrace a different way of being.

  • Inner conflict and disharmony are replaced with harmony.
  • Inner stress and discontentment are replaced with balance.
  • Self rejection and judgment are replaced with self acceptance.
  • Apathy and hopelessness are replaced with personal responsibility.

At Gaia Holistix you can learn to understand how we function as human beings, how to embrace the fullness of self and others in an open and non-judgmental way, how to restructure yourself and embrace your life experience free from the doubts and fears that so often set our life course in a way that seem at odds to what we think we would like. Now you have a real choice to make that can seriously change everything.

About Us

Image of Vivien and Paul who run Gaia Holistix
Gaia Holistix is run by Vivien and Paul.

Vivien practices:

  • Healing & Personal Development
  • Aroma-Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Reflexology

Paul practices:

  • Healing & Personal Development
  • Remedial and Full Body Massage
  • Photographic Healing

They work together as a team not only to run the practice, but they also combine their skills when required.

What We Practice

IMage of Vivien and Paul performing a healing session


Vivien and Paul practice a well balanced range of therapies:

  • Aroma-Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Remedial Massage
  • Full Body Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Combination Sessions

Healing & Personal Development

  • Gaia-Now healing sessions
  • Breakthrough Days
  • Photo Healing Days
  • Retreats

What We Teach

Image of Vivien teaching personal developemnt.

Vivien and Paul teach Healing & Personal Development

The Gaia-Now Transformational Healing and Personal Development modality:

  • Gaia-Now Introductory workshops
  • Gaia-Now Practitioner classes
  • Healing Circles


They also run practical hands on workshops that have been designed as a practical hands on tuition:

  • Couple's Massage Workshops

A short summary.

At Gaia Holistix Vivien and Paul empower people with a complete innovative healing solution that transforms their inner divisional conflicts (inner divisional conflicts are created when two or more conflicting thought patterns and/or beliefs arise at the same time within aspects of our consciousness) and strife (strife and disharmony is the way that we experience inner conflicts) into harmony.

This leads to wholeness within the fullness of self through mindful awareness, self realisation, personal integrity, personal responsibility and personal acceptance.

Vivien and Paul also offer a balanced range of therapies which compliment each other (including a unique Combination Session that comprises of three disciplines given simultaneously by both Vivien and Paul), helping to reduce and maintain people's pain and suffering which are the symptoms of consciousness (our thoughts, beliefs and personal understandings), this helps to improve people's general state of health and wellbeing.